Heathens Global #12: final save review (aka the anatomy of an obsession)

So after 2209 hours (or about 92 days) of gameplay over two editions it's all done with the quintuple, ending with the FA Cup final win over Liverpool and a bloody perfect save-ending win in the Champions League final against City at the Bernabaeu, oh yeah baby 🙂 Whilst I am sad to see the … Continue reading Heathens Global #12: final save review (aka the anatomy of an obsession)

Heathens Global #11: make mine a (League and FA Cup) double

Just a short blog here with lots of piccies due to work stuff, but as the title says we only went and bloody did it, winning the league by 11 points and also the FA Cup in an absolute battering of Everton who barely had a shot on target, oh yeah baby 🙂 It would … Continue reading Heathens Global #11: make mine a (League and FA Cup) double

Heathens Global #10a: Our Prodigal Sons (part 1)

I don't know about any of your good selves but I've always found that a save often dictates it's own path and style of play, especially a few years in. That said, that's where I now find myself in this save, where it iseems to be begging for me to focus on youth development above … Continue reading Heathens Global #10a: Our Prodigal Sons (part 1)

Heathens global #9: Paris, Bank Street

Corey Evans, Manchester Evening News, 13th March 2025 We are a cynical bunch as journalists, accustomed to waiting for hours for a glimpse of players exiting a coach to assess a downbeat look as one stoops beneath his Beats headphones to indicate a sagging mood or a spat with the manager, or a hidden fitness … Continue reading Heathens global #9: Paris, Bank Street

Heathens global #8: dissecting a Manchester massacre

Sooooooo, this happened .. To say that I was distraught at this worse defeat of the save and OUR whole history to our greatest rivals just a mile away from these hallowed terraces of New Bank Street is of course an understatement. I was absolutely raging with myself. These are the same terraces that were … Continue reading Heathens global #8: dissecting a Manchester massacre

Heathens global #7b: the away leg

First off, an apology. I'm sorry as this was intended to be a blog purely about the affiliate programme, but we only went and WON THE FRIGGIN' CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! But not to worry, for you can listen to the whole thing here in glorious blogcast colour! I won't give away the actual score apart … Continue reading Heathens global #7b: the away leg

Heathens Global #5a: emergency press conference

PRESS CONFERENCE: Hovis 'Crackin' Crumpets' suite, New Bank Street stadium, Newton Heath, Manchester, 3pm 22nd November 2018 SCENE: The room is full of assorted press, who are busy talking among themselves as a door opens and two men come and sit at a long table surrounded by microphones, who take their seats as follows: DAVID … Continue reading Heathens Global #5a: emergency press conference