DYNAMO! #1: In defence of overdue honour

Well hello again and welcome to my new blog for my FM19 beta save, simply called 'DYNAMO!' as it is with Dynamo Kyiv, the once formidable Ukranian powerhouse who have been in a constant battle with the mighty Shaktar Donetsk for almost 30 years for league domination.  But why Dynamo? In short, the first thought … Continue reading DYNAMO! #1: In defence of overdue honour

Heathens global #3: STOP PRESS 17/3/18

NEWTON HEATH 1878 FACE RELEGATION 18 PT DEDUCTION CAUSED BY 'CHANCER' SIMEONE BRINGS GLOBAL HEATHENS CRASHING DOWN TO EARTH Simon Curtis, Wembley, 6:15pm, 17th March 2018 Newton Heath 1878 were dramatically deducted 18 points at an FA disciplinary hearing today, meaning almost certain relegation to the Championship for fielding two ineligible players in the league … Continue reading Heathens global #3: STOP PRESS 17/3/18

Heathens global #2: The plans begin ..

SCENE: Meeting room of Newton Heath FC board, Bank Street, Clayton, 12th July 1976, 2:40 pm. It is a baking hot day in the middle of a heatwave. A small table fan sits at one end of a wide teak table littered with pages of fluttering documents.  Despite two open sash windows its weak efforts to … Continue reading Heathens global #2: The plans begin ..