Remembrance day special: Walter Tull, football hero

There are two myths surrounding football in the First World War. One, that everybody suddenly downed tools and had a kickabout with the Germans on Christmas Day in 1914 and two, that British soldiers played footie as they walked across no-man's lands towards the German machine guns. In actual fact, they were both true but … Continue reading Remembrance day special: Walter Tull, football hero

Heathens global #7b: the away leg

First off, an apology. I'm sorry as this was intended to be a blog purely about the affiliate programme, but we only went and WON THE FRIGGIN' CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! But not to worry, for you can listen to the whole thing here in glorious blogcast colour! I won't give away the actual score apart … Continue reading Heathens global #7b: the away leg