Lifting Wales #4: Stick or twist?

So, after a little excursion into tactics in Lifting Wales #3: Analysing to stop losing it's been a while since the last update for the save proper. That said, let's crack on and let me show you how my concerted assault to lift Wales' Euro coefficient from the gutter is progressing. A 5 year ramble … Continue reading Lifting Wales #4: Stick or twist?

Lifting Wales #3: analysing to stop losing

You know the feeling, you are smashing through results, finish second in the league and get further in Europe than ever then all of a sudden the AI finds you out and you start to crash like a 5 year old the morning after being locked in to Woolworths all night with the pick and … Continue reading Lifting Wales #3: analysing to stop losing

Lifting Wales #1: a touching test

1: Intro Let’s be straight, football managers are most definitely not altruistic when it comes to sharing success with other managers. Instead they are tigers, stalking weakened prey ready to dive in for the final death-dealing bite (for this read Klopp in his 5 nil destruction of United yesterday, the 24th October 2021) or they … Continue reading Lifting Wales #1: a touching test